Parking Help and FAQ

Passport Parking Zone 205

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The app is not processing my payment

Please connect to our free ParksWiFi

Where are the hiking trails?

The trails are located in the Moro Day Use Area (link)

What time do I need to exit the parking lot?

Please exit the parking lot prior to sunset

Where can I get lunch?

We suggest dining at the Beachcomber or Shake Shack

Can I bring my dog to the park?

Dogs are allowed on leash only on the multi-use trail between Reef Point and Pelican Point

I set up my account, but why haven’t I received a verification code?

It is likely a security setting on your mobile device, please disconnect from ParksWiFi and wait for your verification code. If you still do not receive your verification code, please re-confirm your phone number or email address.

I paid before I left my vehicle, but why did I receive a parking citation?

Please confirm the license plate number you used for your parking session. If you received a citation in error, please dispute the parking citation using the instructions on the back.

The app is not working.

Please purchase a day-use ticket from the entrance station immediately to avoid a parking citation.