Insurance Regulations


California State Parks – Crystal Cove State Park Insurance Requirements Required to obtain a Special Event/Park Use Permit A Certificate of Insurance may be required at the discretion of California State Parks for all groups of 20 or more and/or if your event poses a risk beyond normal park operations. Please refer to the Insurance requirements listed below. We suggest that you provide your insurance broker/agent with a copy of these requirements and request that they provide Certificates of Insurance (ACCORD 25) complete with copies of all required endorsements. Issuance of your permit cannot proceed without these documents. The State of California must be named as ‘Additional Insured’ on a policy of liability insurance that will cover the period of the permit in an amount not less than the following: 1. Certificate of Insurance for Commercial General Liability Insurance with coverage as indicated: $1,000,000 per occurrence / $2,000,000 aggregate limits for bodily injury and property damage. 2. Additional Insured Endorsement; ^Endorsement must include reference to the Policy Number and the Insured as they appear on the Certificate.

Additional Covered Party: State of California, its officers, employees, and servants are included as additional insured but only insofar as operations under this contract or permit are concerned. TylPrimary Insurance: The endorsement must state that coverage afforded by this endorsement shall apply as Primary. Other insurance maintained by the State shall be excess only and not contributing with the insurance provided under this policy. 3. Cancellation Language The insurer will not cancel or reduce the insured’s coverage during the period that this permit is in effect or without 30 days prior written notice, whichever is shorter, to State. This cancellation provision shall not be construed in derogation of the duty of the permittee to furnish insurance during the entire term of the permit. 4. Please reference activity/event date and title/type of event on insurance certificate if applicable.

CERTIFICATE HOLDER MAY BE LISTED ON CERTIFICATE AS: State Of California Dept. of Parks and Recreation Crystal Cove State Park 8471 North Coast Highway, Laguna Beach, Ca. 92651