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An exciting new program at Crystal Cove State Park   Environmental Study Loop

muledeer coyoteNEW – Animal Evidence:  Searching for animal evidence is an engaging way to raise awareness about local wildlife, hone observation skills, share knowledge about wildlife adaptations, and generate enthusiasm for tracking. In this outdoor amphitheater program students will learn about the different signs that help park managers identify the behaviors and food chain dynamics of those animals who live in the park. Students will receive their training as wildlife trackers followed by a walk along the ½ mile Environmental Study Loop to search for animal sign along the trail.


Cooper's Hawk

Cooper’s Hawk

NEW – Birds:  Birds are ubiquitous in the canyon environment and therefore, serve as a reliable and engaging focus to help children hone their naturalist skills. They are not always seen,

though they are likely heard.  This programs begins with an introduction to basic bird biology, bird adaptations (feet and beaks,) and evidence of bird life (nests, eggs, and feathers.)

Students will learn how to properly use binoculars and will then head out onto the trail searching for birds that are flying, perching, hiding, or calling.  As part of our new Citizen Science component, students will keep a log of the birds seen and at the conclusion of the walk, enter the data on the California eBird website.