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Crystal Cove State Park Teaching Aids

Download colorful and interactive curriculum with Crystal Cove specific instructional information and educational games.

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Art on the Wild Side

Join State Park Naturalist Alex and Laguna Outreach for Community Arts (LOCA) for a blend of science and art to learn fun facts about some of the animals found at Crystal Cove State Park  and then…learn how to draw them!

Meet the Garibaldi

Meet the Sea Star

Meet the Great Horned Owl


Tidepool Animals of Crystal Cove

To Learn about some of the tidepool animals we frequently see at Crystal Cove State Park and their feeding Strategies.

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Hip Hop Hike at Crystal Cove

Many animals live in the wilderness of Crystal Cove State Park.  Usually we only see signs of their presence, but sometimes we are lucky enough to see the animal itself.  Join Park Naturalist Winter on a hike in the backcountry and discover who calls Crystal Cove home.

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Trash Rap

Earth Day is Every Day so check out this fun video from the Interpretive team at Crystal Cove State Park.

Nature Hike with Winter & Alex

Join Park Naturalists Winter & Alex as they celebrate Biodiversity Week while hiking the 3-mile loop trail and sharing fun nuggets about some of the flora found along the trail.

Habitats of Crystal Cove State Park

In nature, all living things are in some way connected. Within each community each species depends on one or more of the others for survival. To learn about some of the diverse communities found at Crystal Cove State Park and some of the plants and animals found in those habitats click here.

Rockin’ Relationships

Crystal Cove State Park is home to countless organisms.  Rockin’ Relationships highlights some of the ecological connections and symbiotic interactions between some species, both plants and animals, found in the park.

Animal Yoga

Click here to watch this video and while you’re enjoying the yoga poses you can learn a few fun facts about each of these animals.

Nature’s Jewels

Be sure to Download and view this slideshow about some of our local beauties. It’s a big file with lots of interactive components so it may take a while, but it is worth it!

Nature’s Families

Be sure to Download and view this slideshow to get the whole effect and learn some fun facts about some of our cutest local families.

Earth Day Jeopardy

Make sure to play this game as a slideshow to get the whole fun effect.


Engage in a live broadcast with a PORTS Home Learning Program from locations across California

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Orange Coast District You Tube

Check out new educational materials from other local California State Parks

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Monitoring Human Impacts at Crystal Cove State Park Marine Protected Areas

This program designed for 9th-12th grade students incorporates an understanding of how the human presence affects intertidal organism populations and citizen science. How do we know if MPAs are working? Help collect data with park Interpreter Alex and Crystal Cove Conservancy Educator Kaitlin and learn how monitoring owl limpet populations can help us understand human impacts in tidepool habitats!

Acjachamen Culture

Enjoy these videos about Crystal Cove’s Cultural History.

Crystal Cove Conservancy Distance Learning

These virtual education programs immerse science learners of all ages in exploring Crystal Cove’s diverse ecosystems, partnering with scientists to help with ecological research, and solving design challenges, all from the safety of your home.

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Doheny State Beach Interpretive Association

At Home Learning and Virtual Aquarium

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