Alcohol Waiver Form

Laguna Beach California

Laguna Beach California

California State Parks – Crystal Cove State Park

******Alcohol Waiver Request******

Please print out this page.

An Alcohol Waiver permit is required for all special events involving alcohol at Crystal Cove State Park- forms and fees apply. (See Crystal Cove State Park Special Event Program Guidelines). The waiver may be granted at the discretion of California State Parks to applicants who have been permitted for Special Event reservation sites including beach areas, bluff overlooks, and selected picnic areas. A copy of the approved waiver

must be on site and available on the day of your event.

An Alcohol Waiver fee is required as follows:

$100 for groups of 10 persons or less. $250 for groups of 11-50 persons. $500 for groups of 51-100 persons. $1,000 for groups of 101-200 persons. $1,500 for groups of 201-400 persons.

• Caterers/Outside Services:
To serve alcohol you must submit an active Alcoholic Beverage Control license (ABC #58) and an insurance certificate with Host Liquor Liability. Additionally, the applicant will be required to submit a copy of an authorized ABC-218
Permit for the full term of the event no later than 2 weeks prior to the event.

The following conditions apply to ALL Alcohol Waiver Permits:

1. Initial______ The sale of alcohol is not permitted.
2. Initial______ Only persons over the age of twenty-one (21) may possess or consume alcohol.
3. Initial______ The possession and/or consumption of alcohol is prohibited outside of the designated reservation site

area as described on the special event permit.
4. Initial______ The special event boundary area must be clearly marked, by the applicant, and appropriate “No

Alcohol Beyond This Point” signage in place as defined by the special event permit.
5. Initial ______ In order to protect natural resources, and to maintain an appropriate public park appearance, ALL

alcohol must be contained in plastic or paper cups. No glass containers, bottles, or cups will be


6. Initial______ Should any person involved in the special event be detained, cited, or arrested by State Park law enforcement personnel for violation of any of these conditions or other unlawful behavior, the applicant shall be liable for the cost of staff time at a rate of time and one half under the authority of the California Code of Regulations, Title 14, section 4301(j) and California Government Code section 53156.

7. Initial______ Applicant acknowledges that a State Park monitor(s) will be assigned to the event and advanced payment in full is required for staff costs of $79 per hour with a four hour minimum charge. Monitor(s) will be assigned from set-up through break-down of the event plus one hour for pre and post event preparation.

8. Initial______ Alcohol may not be served before 6AM and no later than 9PM.

9. Initial______ Applicant is responsible for compliance with California Alcohol Beverage Control regulations.


My signature confirms that I have read and agree to the above described Crystal Cove State Park – Alcohol Waiver Permit terms and conditions. I understand that failure to adhere to these conditions may lead to the immediate termination of my event and appropriate law enforcement action.



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