Volunteer Opportunities

Crystal Cove State Park is a magical and unique spot. Volunteers serve as ambassadors for the park by introducing visitors to the natural beauty, the cultural wonders, and recreational opportunities available within the 2,400 acres of backcountry wilderness and 3.2 miles of coastline. Volunteers act as stewards for the park by leading hikes and walks, educating the public about resource protection, and encouraging compliance with park rules and regulations. There are many opportunities for friendly and enthusiastic volunteers.  All volunteers are required to attend a training session to become familiar with the park resources and policies.  Volunteer Training Sessions are held annually in the fall.  To be put on a list for future trainings please contact the Park Volunteer Coordinator at Winter.Bonnin@parks.ca.gov


Lead hikes, walks, and talks including backcountry hikes, beach walks, tidepool talks, nature photo walks, bird walks, geology walks, full moon hikes, and more.

Tidepool Volunteers 

Educate the public through roving interpretation about the State Marine Protected Area as well as tidepool ecology and preservation of the fragile ecosystem.  Volunteers provide information, help identify creatures, and remind park visitors about proper tidepool etiquette.

Trail Assistant Volunteers 

Patrol the backcountry either on mountain bike or on foot and provide valuable information about the backcountry to park staff.  Trail assistance may include providing route recommendations and directions, helping with trail repair, or providing emergency communications. 


Staff the Historic District Visitor Center.  They greet and welcome park visitors and provide information and education about the 12-acre Historic District, the overnight accommodations, and the park’s resources. 

Park Store 

Volunteers staff the interpretive store in the Historic District.  They welcome the public and provide cheerful customer service while selling store merchandise.

Garden Club 

Volunteers help to maintain the picturesque landscape of Crystal Cove State Park’s Historic District by watering, planting, weeding, pruning and tending to the park grounds.