Rules & Regulations for Facility Reservations


GENERAL POLICY Facility use agreements are Issued in accordance with the policies established by the Department of Parks and Recreation- Crystal Cove State Park. All reservation forms must be completed and signed and all fees and deposits paid before reservation requests can be considered for approval.

SUBMISSION OF RESERVATION REQUEST DOES NOT CONSTITUTE APPROVAL, Permit requests submitted less than 14 days from the requested event date will not be considered. Additional terms and conditions may apply.

GENERAL INFORMATION Permits may be revoked if there is a conflict with Department use. The Department will attempt to give timely notice of such a conflict. Permits may be revoked and/or denied In the future if there is any abuse to park property, facilities, or equipment. Park staff is entitled to enter any facility at any time. State Parks may terminate any special event as necessary for safety or for the violation of any rule or regulation of the State Park System. If it is necessary for the applicant to cancel a reservation, notify the Event Coordinator a minimum of 48 business hours prior to the reservation date. All paid fees will be forfeited on all cancellations initiated by the user.


1. Consumption of alcoholic beverages. (CCR 4326 #925-10-009)

2. Electric-amplifying equipment or other sound amplifying equipment.

3. Live music-bands.

4. Use of staples, tacks, nails, tape, ground staking, etc.

5. Signs, glass on sand, flower petals, confetti, balloons, etc.

6. Inflatable games, plfiatas, eggs.

7. Dogs off leashes (CCR 4312).

8. Fireworks.

9. Tables shall not be moved from original locations.


1. Initial____ Consumption of alcoholic beverages (CCR 4326 #925-10-009)

2. Initial____ Catering or other outside vendors.

3. Initial____ Other equipment, i.e. seating, tables, lighting, etc.

4. Initial ____Parking and driving of cars on park grounds other than parking lots.


• Initial___ Be responsible for care and protection of equipment and property, leaving them in a clean, undamaged condition. The applicant agrees to reimburse the Department for any equipment or supplies damaged or lost.

• Initial___Be responsible for the behavior of all group members.

• Initial___ Acknowledge that parking is on a first come, first served basis and that parking and re-entry is not guaranteed. All vehicles are subject to a day use fee of $15 upon entering the park, in addition to permit fees.

Initial___ Use the facilities at their own risk and not hold the State of California, its officers, employees, and servants responsible in the event of loss, damage or injury.

• Initial___ Observe all Department rules and regulations in addition to those listed on this permit. Failure to adhere may result In a citation and/or immediate termination of event.

• Initial ___Vacate the facility at the close of the reservation period or upon park closure at sunset.

PLEASE COMPLETE AND RETURN TO: Crystal Cove State Park Special Event Coordinator 8471 North Coast Highway, Laguna Beach, CA 92651 Phone (949) 494-3539